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Life After Storage Tank Death: 9 Cool Converted Storage Tanks

While it’s not recommended to use an old oil tank for supplying drinking water, there are many other ways to up-cycle a contaminated tank, converting it to something else to extend its life and reduce trash. The following is a collection of cool, converted storage tanks – both oil and other – that have found [...]

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Then: Gas Storage Tank; Now: Destination

While you can read about it in books, watching Luxometro up close and personal provides personal satisfaction, fulfillment, and definitely completes your Berlin vacation. In the recent years, Gazometer has become the center of attention of art enthusiast worldwide. The magnificent luxometro has amazes people all over the world and attract a significant volume of [...]

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Happy Friday: A slogan we should never use for our business

Happy Friday! Here is a slogan we should never use for our business. Have a good weekend everyone!

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Applicator (AquaBlocx) completed coatings for National Foods Company.

AquaBlocX is a leading protective coatings company in Alabama, specializing in industrial and municipal projects. It has long sought to offer clients a competitively-priced VOC-free coating system that not only competed with conventional ones in terms of performance, but also had ‘green’ attributes. The company is now specializing in Castagra’s Ecodur for precisely those reasons [...]

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Interesting Storage Tank Robots

Storage tank robots allow for tank cleaning automation, promoting a faster, more efficient, and safer method to clean and inspect reservoirs and storage tanks. Implementing this underwater technology promotes an effective use of automation, as using a storage tank robot is safer than sending in a diver and more cost effective than emptying the storage [...]

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Castagra Featured in Mining & Power

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Coating Big Bolted Tanks in Texas

The original tank coating was a polyurea and failed in only a matter of months. This was a brand new, state of the art, 10,000 bbl tank operated in Texas. Problem Polyurea has very poor adhesion of about 50% compared to Castagra’s Ecodur’s of nearly 100%. This resulted in the acidic sour crude oil creeping [...]

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10 Storage Tank Demolition Videos

Here is a collection of storage tank demolition videos. Viewer discretion is advised for storage tank lovers! 1. Water Tower Demolition 2. Baltimore BGE Gas Tower Implosion Explosion 3. Maspeth Greenpoint Twin Gas Tank Towers Implosion 4. Demolition of Valby Gas Silo 5. Nekoosa Water Tower Drop 6. Demolition of the Checkered UGI StorageTank in [...]

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