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Storage Tank iphone apps

Here are a few storage tank iphone apps we found online (Fyi, we haven’t tried and tested all of them). Let us know if we missed anything. Tank Storage magazine iPhone App Description: We’re pleased to announce that you can now view all the latest tank terminal news by downloading our FREE Tank Storage news [...]

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Castagra Coatings featured in Bakken Magazine – “Proven Players”

Click here to download Bakken Coating article

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Storage Tank Article Recap

Here are the storage tank articles I have posted over the last couple of months. Any suggestions on new topics? Let me know. tatsuya.n at (Photo courtesy of Bill Ohl) Tank Storage Social Media Community Here is a collection of social media groups and profiles that we have come across so far. Email us [...]

Ecodur 201: Reservoir coating project in Arizona

Abundant, clean drinking water is pretty much taken for granted, but it hasn’t been by water authorities for a long time, particularly since 9/11. It is a highly vulnerable resource that needs protecting both from the security point of view and content. Many are now in secured properties such as the two covered 12 million [...]

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Storage Tank on the Outside, Massive Sound Installation on the Inside

Traditionally, storage tanks are used for holding a variety of substances like water, lava, oil, fuel, and many others. Storage tanks also have other applications and are further used by common industries in chemical processing, cosmetics processing, etc. But just recently, a 36-year-old artist from Switzerland found another great use out of a 42-foot-tall chemical [...]

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