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Meet Your LinkedIn Moderator: Riky Bernardo, Professional Corrosion Engineering Specialist

Being an effective moderator takes time and effort. They have to encourage good discussion and fend off spammy posts. I wanted to feature and thank Riky Bernardo who is the moderator for the Oil and Gas Corrosion and Material Selection LinkedIn Group.


Tell us about your background?
I graduated from chemical/process engineering department of Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia in 1999. I’ve been in the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry for more than 13 years. I registered myself in some world-wide professional organization like NACE and IChemE (UK) plus some local engineering organization like IATMI (Indonesian Association of Oil and Gas Practitioners), KMI (Indonesian Oil and Gas Community), etc.

I started my career in 2000 as Field Application Engineer for oil and gas field specialty chemical company, EONChemicals. Since day-1 seconded to Caltex Pacific Indonesia (currently known as Chevron). There, in the largest crude oil producer company in Indonesia, I involved in Field Management Engineering Team to provide technical services and consultancy for all of chemical treatment applications, fluid monitoring, and corrosion control.

In 2005, I decided to leave the company for ConocoPhillips to broaden my coverage are more into corrosion aspects. As Senior Chemical and Corrosion Engineer, I was successful in enriching my experience, mainly in offshore processing facilities and natural gas production environments.

Since 2009, I started my expatriation career as a Senior Corrosion Engineer with RasGas Company, one of the major LNG producers in the world.

Tell us about your company/job?
As Senior Corrosion Engineer in RasGas, I’m working under the Operation Technical Department. The Department acts as a technical authority in various enigneering disciplines and work very closely and intensively with other departments like Projects and Maintenance to support Operation Departments.

My main responsibility is to provide technical support into day-to-day natural gas and LNG production and processing activities to ensure that the activities will run smoothly and safely.

I involve in almost all of corrosion engineering aspects mentioned as follow:

Corrosion prevention and mitigation program: material selection, chemical treatment, cathodic protection, and coating and lining application.
Corrosion monitoring and inspection activities including probes, coupon, fluid monitoring, Cathodic Protection monitoring, and other corrosion inspection methods.
Corrosion management system like developing RBI (Risk Based Inspection) Program, leading and participating risk assessment and root cause failure analysis, etc.

What do you like most about your job?
Becoming an oil and gas engineer is really GREAT….. I enable myself to update my knowledge, loading my capacity with unlimited resources of knowledge. I’ve been meeting new people again and again thus allowing myself to learn from a lot of people and seeing something from many different perspectives and angles.

What hobbies do you have outside of work?
I fond of doing some sports especially swimming, basket ball and sometimes fishing. At home I like to accompany my wife and kids to watch some movies. During my leasure time, I always alocate my time with my whole family to go for vacation and visiting a lot of different countries and location.

I’m also collecting some old books, stamps, and a dog lover’s.

Tell us one thing that most people do not know about you.
I’m a good cook. I’m able to prepare different kind of Asian dishes without helper!