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Storage Tank Spotlight: Wil Ferch is Principal-Owner at Nordstern Associates, LLC

1. Tell us about your background

Wil Ferch is Principal-Owner at Nordstern Associates, LLC, a manufacturer’s rep and consulting company he founded that serves the industrial gas (Air Separation process) industry. He is currently acting VP of Marketing/Sales for a Swiss cryogenic pump company as well as serving a USA-based EPC firm that builds large site-erected cryogenic tankage- as a business development consultant. Previously, he had over 20 years experience with Praxair Inc in various technical and managerial capacities, some with global reach. He is a degreed Mechanical Engineer from an accredited university, holds Six Sigma Green Belt (Project Lead) certification, has been trained as a Project Management Professional (PMP), has led Lean and Lean manufacturing workshops, and has background in operational safety, quality, standards, mechanical equipment specification, work process procedures and standards. Speaks conversational German fairly fluently. His specialty is in cryogenic system design and componentry as used in the industrial gas/air separation industry (tanks, vaporizers, pumps, piping systems) as well as plant-level cooling systems (cooling towers, water treatment, air-cooled-heat-exchangers). As further background information, here is a link to Mr. Ferch’s “LinkedIn” profile which includes more information and testimonials-

2. Tell us about your company

See answer to #1. My company serves the industrial gas industry. Services provided include any area of expertise mentioned in #1 answer. Typically provide business development, technical assistance or sales/marketing assistance to supplier companies to the major industrial gas suppliers.

3. What are your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge is getting recognized and getting more business in the operating space I find myself in. I find that once I am used by an organization, the understanding of my value and capabilities are better understood and this becomes less of a challenge thereafter.

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