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Castagra Ecodur 201 Low Temperature Tank Coating and Lining

This is a very difficult application because it is being conducted at very cold temperatures. We can apply the Ecodur 201 coating down to zero degree F or -20 Celsius. Whereas most other coatings really do not cure well at these cold temperatures while maintaining an excellent bond to the steel substrate.
What we have here are six 400-barrel tanks which are very typical for older tanks you’ll find out in the oil fields. In the Northlands, like here in Williston, North Dakota, these are very difficult to address during winter time so a lot of this work is done in the summer time.
But the Castagra system, which is a solvent-free spray technology combined with Ecodur 201 coating can be deployed both at the shop and out here in the field at very cold temperatures, which allows this to basically become a year round business for the applicators.
In this case, the tank was prepared and sand blasted, which takes about a day to steam clean and blasted out as the surface is very rough. Once that’s done, our technician or applicator goes in and coats the inside in about 30 to 40 minutes. And on a tank of this size, which you would see in normal coating application, the difference is rather than waiting days with expensive heating to bring the tank up to temperature to cure the coating, is that we just leave them in ambient and come back in a few hours to start doing the holiday testing, which is the electrical inspection used to find any defects and such.
Any touch up work can be done again just within a few hours of the start of the coating process, which allows the tank to be returned to service within 24 hours.