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Tank Internal Coating Testimonial

Dear Matt,

As one of the earliest users of Castagra’s ECODUR, I am pleased to report that it has met and exceeded my expectations. Another tank in the same battery where we used ECODUR coated earlier with a conventional epoxy is failing, most likely due to the extremes of temperatures we experience.

Epoxies appear to be unable to cope so it was with some desperation that we decided to try out ECODUR.

Its application in extreme low temperatures was a revelation . The speed of its application and thoroughness, especially around joints was impressive. Close examination revealed no micro-cracking or failures of adhesion.

I would recommend your product with the additional advice that it be applied to heights beyond base level protection as this would be prudent extension of use of a product that is extremely cost effective compared to conventional coatings.

I should add that it being VOC-free means no noxious fumes for anyone and no risk of spillage of VOCs. It’s very much a ‘green’ product of which we approve.

Peter Mueller, Saga Petroleum