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SS Moyie Case Study: Ecodur 201 Marine Coating

(transcript) This is the SS Moyie. This is a special project on a very, very old vessel. The SS Moyie is an old Canadian Pacific steamship operating on inland British Columbia waters and is the oldest operable sternwheeler in the world. I think she was made up in 1898 and operated on the lakes since that time. The Kootenay Lake Historical Society has been preserving the ship primarily using modern materials on canvas of the type they use back in the 1800′s. They’re trying to maintain as much as possible the original type of coating on the tops and the decks and so on. Now in the 1800′s, in the early 1900′s while they’re maintaining vessels of this type, wooden vessels will flex a lot. Maybe exposed to all kinds of weather year round. Ice in winter time and on hot days on summer and this canvas would shrink and peel and crack and very difficult to maintain, so they are always working on these ships. The layers of the canvas will get built up as much as 5 or 6 layers deep and they use linseed oil in early 1800′s and then newer petroleum products since then. The Historical Society on the most recent 10-20 years has been using combination of marine paints and polyurethanes to carry on maintaining the vessel on the canvas. The unfortunate part is that even though these modern materials are a little better than linseed oil and coal tars and so on they’re using on the early days, they still have to be maintained every year. So last year they went ahead and used our Ecodur 201 product in some different areas including some of the top house areas which the areas they have a lot of peeling issues and they had really, really great results. The ship has gone through a full year now which is winter and summer, and they’re gone back and looked back on the areas that were done and they’re all still in very, very good shape with very minimum that needs to be reworked this season. So they are expanding their project to using the Ecodur material on more areas of the ship, on different areas of the ship and they are finding that they’re able to dramatically cut the amount of hours required to maintain these difficult coatings. And again, the weather is a big challenge, most of these paints will peel and the canvas will start to come up or absorb or leak within 6 months to a year. So our material has been on there for a year and on this case, it ties in very well to our ferry experience where we are have our materials that have been out on the decks upwards to 18 years and still operating. I don’t promise that this wooden ship would be able to have that deck last that long with this coating but certainly it’s doing a lot better job than the one year annual coating cycle that they’d been using for the last 110- 120 years it seems. So very good results. SS Moyie, pretty proud of this project.
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