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Harpeth Valley Utilities District – Roof Coating Case Study (SES)

Harpeth Valley Utilities District needed a protective coating for the roof of a 5.0 million gallon water storage facility. Utility officials had originally specified a certain material for the project which involved considerable site preparation specified by the material manufacturer. This included sandblasting and grinding.

This was a roof site that, because a specific protective material had been specified, the site needed exacting, precise and expensive preparation prior to laying down of the material. There was also a severe time limit for completion due to a Federal funding mandated requirement.

The roof was protection for a river water storage tank below which is used for holding water prior to treatment to potability standards, thus making essential that no contamination would ever leak from above.

Southern Epoxy Solutions had sourced the material, but encountered a three-week delay on the source not being able to inspect the site prior to delivery of the material. Southern Epoxy Solutions had already spent approximately $20,000 on site work.

The company decided that it could immediately use NSF61-approved ECODUR 201S. The coating is non toxic, does not change over time, and is highly protective against acids and alkalies.

Because of the material’s abilities to coat and smooth rough surfaces, it was immediately realized that most of the heavy duty prep work would not have been required for ECODUR. With the utility’s approval, the project went ahead with VOC-free ECODUR. The client did not want standard off-white and a gray additive was incorporated.

Application results
The plasticized-gypsum coating immediately solved the time constraint problem as it went on in one coat. It avoided the client having to spend considerably more money on a protective material. It also avoided the potential loss of funding due to strict Federal time limits.

Again, this was a case of the client greatly appreciating the lack of fumes from the ECODUR 201S. Also appreciated was the fact that the roof was fully protected in a very short period of time as was site disruption.

The use of ECODUR 201S results summarized:

a simpler, cheaper solution
allowed client to meet funding deadline
fumeless, odorless, no VOCs
site disruption greatly minimized.
met all long term protection requirements

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