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Castagra Industrial Coatings Vs Epoxy Systems

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Most epoxies do not stick well. The adhesion rate is typically 50%.

Castagra’s adhesion rate is 98% to 100%. It bonds molecularly to cellulosic surfaces
such as wood, and natural fibers, including straw. The surface prep requirements are much less than traditional epoxies.

Curing Rate (including cold weather application)
Castagra’s curing rate is under 30 min at zero degrees. Projects can be completed in the winter without costly heating equipment. Vertical application can be done effortlessly.

Most epoxies are not flexible. They tend to crack and flake in heat and cold very quickly allowing moisture, oxygen, and contaminants to reach the base surface.

Castagra is flexible, highly protective and has passed forward and reverse impact tests.

Most epoxies are expensive. Material costs are high and the application process is difficult.

Castagra is cost effective. It applies easily and the equipment requires no use of potentially contaminating and expensive to dispose of solvents. The overall life cycle costs are much lower.

Epoxies often show early failure and have a limited lifespan, particularly in harsh industrial and marine conditions.

Castagra’s products have a 20-year pedigree in marine and concrete construction applications that demonstrate they vastly outperform epoxies.

Application Speed
Epoxy coatings takes about twice as much effort to apply to cover a particular surface.

Castagra applies in half the time. This is due the fast cure rates and the minimal surface preparation requirements. Our products do not slide on vertical surfaces due to fast set up times.

Most epoxies are toxic and petrochemical based. Clean up requires hazardous solvents such as acetone.

Castagra does not use solvents either in its composition, application or equipment clean-up whatsoever. The products are non-toxic and made from Castor oil and gypsum, including recycled gypsum. Coatings are applied using a 100% Solvent free spray system.

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(transcript) My name is Peter Roosen, and I’m the President of Castagra Products and we are here to demonstrate a revolutionary new, solvent free spraying technology – Ecodur 201 product. What we are typically aiming for is 20 mil coating and he’s probably applying about 8-10 mils on each pass. So it would be, hmmm probably 15 mils there on average. We are able to apply a lot more square footage in less time with this equipment than the typical epoxy equipment. Epoxy takes about twice as much effort to apply to cover a particular surface.

This is a vertical surface and vertical surfaces, you get a lot of sagging problems with many epoxies. We generally don’t have that problem because our cure rates so fast and it really doesn’t have time to slump before the coating is already harden up.

So now they’re going inside of the chamber and they are going to coat the well down below. I’m inside a sump within the sewage treatment plant and what we are going to do is we are going to apply a protective coating to these concrete walls. And as you can see, this type of erosion of concrete is due to materials such as hydrogen sulfide which produces an acidic water which attacks the concrete. The Ecodur 201 product is used in the oil and gas industry as well as in the marine industry to protect steel, concrete and other surfaces from the sorts of corrosion that we have here today. The advantages of our system is that first of all, we are green and sustainable as far as the technology but at the end of the day we are better, faster and cheaper. We meet all the technical requirements for protecting this type of surface for several years from the various corrosive elements that they are subjected to. Because we eliminated the solvents in the process, we’re able to get very, very fast cure rates. So we’ll able to coat this, have it cured within a few minutes, and return this system to service. So we don’t need to go in and apply multiple coats. We can do it with one coat, we can do it quickly, and our overall life cycle costs are less with traditional epoxy systems that are normally used for this type of work.

Within the coating business, there has been widely understood need to get away from the use of solvents. There are a lot of materials that are produced which are called 100% solvents, which means the product itself doesn’t contain any solvents. The unfortunate part is the equipment traditionally requires solvent like the system here requires the materials to be mixed in a mixing manifold and the whole entire hose is filled with mixed material, and every time you stop coating, you have to pump solvent through it. They use a lot of flammable explosive materials, like acetone on this case, to purge out the lines. So for a barrel of coating, which will be about 55 gallons, they might go through 3-5 gallons of solvent just to clean out the system. Another disadvantage is we waste all the material that’s in the hose. Because the instant that you start putting the solvent through, we are throwing out the material that’s in the hose as well as the solvent. So they are throwing away 5 gallons of solvent, material that not only needs to be purchased on the front end, but needs to be disposed of in accordance to local and federal laws pertaining to damaging hazards of materials of solvents and such.

The main advantage is we get rid of all the solvents to thoughout the system. So it’s safe, relatively easy to use. That gun can be put down and picked up and put down and picked up. With the solvent system you cannot stop the gun without running a solvent through or you can throw all your hoses and everything. So we just stop and go, stop and go.

For cleaning the gun, we don’t even have any solvent in the truck, we don’t have even have a gallon of it. We have a tool that we use to clean it out. So the products, the Ecodur 201 is certified for drinking water. We have achieved that NSF-61 Standard. So we are less expensive in terms of overall cost of a project, mainly through time savings. But you can take something and return it to service within minutes rather than days. There is an impact there. We don’t have a big cleanup aspect. When we are done at the end of the day, we just roll up the hose and drive away.

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