"Castagra is an industrial floor and roof coatings company dedicated to bringing about better solutions to the world."

Castagra’s coatings created a paradigm shift in the industry 30 years ago when their unique formulation meant robust performance could be combined with zero toxicity – no VOCs, no BPA. They helped spearhead and fulfill the public’s desire for coating products that were truly ‘green’ and safe, whether in residential, commercial or heavy industrial applications.

Today, the renewable castor oil and recyclable gypsum derivative, is on countless floors, and roofs.

Our main product is Ecodur. It makes no compromises on performance. In fact, it outperforms most conventional epoxy coatings by a wide margin, especially on adhesion, robustness and versatility for a wide range of climatic conditions. With an ANSI/NSF-61 rating for contact with drinking water, no-one beats us on purity.

We care about you the public, your children, the environment, and especially the people working in our industry who apply our coatings.

Ecodur Roof Coatings
Ecodur doesn’t just give you a great roof, it gives peace of mind that you have the best and most cost- effective solution.
Ecodur Floor Coatings
For almost a quarter of a century the famous veggie-plastic formula has been coating residential, commercial and industrial buildings and structures in the greenest way possible.
Castagra Innovation
Castagra is committed to creating great products that will help change the world and make it a better place.